Look Touring Shoes with Keo Easy Pedals

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  • Description

LOOK Ride & Walk concept: Cleat build into the shoe. Comfort of walking & advantages of clipless pedal

  • Ideal for both touring and urban cyclists
  • Advantages of a clipless pedals with comfort necessary for walking
  • Flexible rubber sole provides natural, comfortable ride
  • Freedom when pedalling due to 9 degrees float

Advantages of a clipless pedal with comfort necessary for walking

The Ride&Walk concept allows the use of a clipless road pedal with all the advantages that brings to its user:
large support surface, better pedalling stability, reduced weight and aesthetics particularly suited to road or urban use.

Keo Dual Cleat allows a flexure point to be retained, between the front and rear parts of the cleat which provides flexible sole for natural and comfortable walking.

Rubber cleat build into the shoe allows comfortable walking in these shoes. On the other way you can still have all advantages of using clipless mechanism on the bike.

LOOK TOURING and LOOK CITY have a built-in Keo cleat consisting of 2 parts. This concept manages to maintain smooth running for a natural and comfortable ride. Moreover, cleat components are protected either side by rubber pads to prevent them from wearing prematurely. A rubber bearing surface positioned between the two parts maintains good pedalling stability.

A cleat integrated into the shoe sole

The cleat components are protected on each side by the tread of the rubber sole. This avoids premature wear and allows comfortable walking without feeling the annoyance of the cleat on the ground.

A rubber support zone located between the two cleat components allows excellent pedalling stability to be maintained.

Keo Dual Cleat is fitted with 3D Cleat technology that allows release in a plane between 0° (outside / inside sideways unclipping) and 45°, so as to ease your unclipping in all circumstances. It shortens time necessary for learning classic automatic pedals. The Dual Cleat cleat has 4.5° angular freedom to adapt to all pedalling types.

Shoes Key Features

The Look Touring model has been designed for touring cyclists looking for a road-style shoe and who wish to combine cycling and walking activities.

  • Removable KEO Dual Cleat build into the shoe
  • 3 Velcro closure straps
  • 3 staggered tightening buckles for improved foot support

The LOOK TOURING model has been designed for touring cyclists looking for a road-style shoe and who wish to combine cycling and walking activities.

Keo Easy Pedals

  • Clip-out tension: 8Nm fixed
  • Large platform for this level in the range providing enhanced pedalling comfort
  • Very easy to use, ideal for beginners
  • Weight: 139 g