Spiuk Aizea (White)

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A time-trial and triathlon helmet with the same aerodynamic properties as the Kronos that offers a variety of configurations for every type of races, distances, surfaces or environments. Giving priority to safety and aerodynamics, we focused on interior comfort because time-trial and triathlon races are especially tough, and every little thing that
increases comfort can translate into shorter racing times.

- One-piece, in-mould helmet.
- Two interchangeable different length tails.
- Front vents that can be closed with a front screen.
- Aerodynamic front screen attached by magnets.
- EVA-lined flexible ear covers.
- Highly safe ultralight straps.
- W-FIT 82 rear fitting system with tilt angle adjustment at the back.
- Inner padding.
- Front cover with magnets.
- Protective microfibre bag.
- Optional clear front screen.

Unisex. TIME TRIAL and TRIATHLON. Professional use.
ONE SIZE: M-L (53-61) / WEIGHT: From 375 to 480 g