Tuesday the 1st of may, seen the start of the four masters summer time trial season of to a good start with 23 riders taking part. The course had to be shortend by 400 meters due to major road works but the good ride of paul vaughen with a wining time of 20.41 would have beaten or come close to the coures record (21.04) had it not being for the road works. Next week time trail.



1st. Paul Vaughen 20.41

2nd. Paul mc Cready 21.43

3rd. Jim Doyle 22.09

4th. Cris Sandy 22.24

5th. = Jim Donnelly 22.37

5th. = Martin mc Devitt 22.37

7th. Colum Quigley 22.41

8th. Donal Clancy 23.19

9th. Paddy mc Callion 23.27

10th. Frank Dunlop 23.33

11th. Martin Mc Groddy 23.49

12th. Pat Gill 24.01

13th. Garry Mellon. 24.30

14th. Jason mc hugh 24.49

15th. Mathew mc Dowell 25.18

16th. Larry mc Gowan 25.34

17th. Rory Devlin 26.04

18th. Ivan Wray 26.34

19th. Joanne Doran 26.45

20th. Frank Roache 26.52

21st. Eddie Duffy 27.19

22nd. Trisha Jordan 30.52

1. D N F

Well done to all who competed and hope to see you all next week.(time trial)