Draft Prizes and Rules 2007

Rás Dhun na nGall 2007

Four Masters Cycling Club

Race Information

Welcome to the 2007 race, we are 17 years on the road this year and hope that you have a good sporting and safe event. Below you will find race rules, other instructions and a prize list. The detailed route will be in the included in the riders pack. Take time to study it. Competitors are reminded that it is the responsibility of each to follow the correct route. As an aid, yellow directional arrows will assist you, but we cannot be responsible for signs misplaced or missing.

There are two neutral service vehicles and a broom wagon. Each team is expected to supply one pair of wheels. Damaged material is to be collected from service immediately after each stage.

All drivers in the cavalcade are reminded that this entire event takes place on Rep of Ireland roads and a significant Garda presence is expected. They will be there for the safety of all, both riders and the general public. Full cooperation must be given to them. Movement of vehicles up and down the cavalcade can only be achieved with permission from the race commissaires..

All three massed start stages begin with neutralised sections, on busy roads. It is important that the whole race remains compact during neutralisation (green flag). Team vehicles should get their place in the cavalcade right at the departure point of every stage, you might not be permitted to move about particularly during neutralised sections because of narrow roads and busy junctions.

Caution is required in areas likely to have heavy traffic (towns/busy roads), not just for riders, but also cars attempting to move up or down the cavalcade.

Race Instructions and Regulations


The event will be run under the regulations of Cycling Ireland, supplemented by the following.

All personnel must "sign on" at the start, including team managers.

Time limits for stages 1, 3 & 4 are 25% of the winner’s time. For the T.T. the time limit is 30%. The Commissaires may extend this in exceptional circumstances.

Participants in the event are responsible for all expenditure and costs arising in relation to the race and for any offences or damages caused. Entry to the event implies acceptance of this and other Race Regulations. The only exceptions will be by specific arrangements with the Race Organisation. Any loss or damage to radios used in the race is the liability of the team or individual who signs for it. It is recommended that the equipment is put away safely when not in use.

Jersey presentations will take place 10 minutes before the start of stages 3 and 4.

The race will be between club teams of 5 riders. Where a club is unable to muster a full team, the Organisers will consider composite teams and entries from individuals. Entry is limited to 100 riders, but may be extended at the Organisers discretion. Teams must each wear identical jerseys. If a club enters more than one team, the second must wear identifiably different jersies. Members of such teams are not interchangeable.



The race is run on roads open to the public. All involved, riders, marshals, team drivers - must take due care at all times. Take proper notice of directions given by marshals and the Garda escort. Where a vehicle wishes to move forward during racing, Gardai may wish to clear the move (via the Commissaire) first, please be patient with this safety aspect.


The transmission of radio messages is reserved to the Commissaires, the race organisation and the Gardai. Team managers are forbidden to transmit, unless their advice is asked for or the matter is important and urgent.

Licences submitted at the initial sign on will be retained by the Commissaires and returned when each rider gives back all his race numbers, either on retirement or at the end of the event.


Race control flags are-


Race start proper Green Flag

KOH Green Flag

Caution Red flag

Finish Black/White chequered flag

The distance to the finish line will be indicated at 5km and 1km, and the distance to KOMs

will be indicated at 1km.

11. King of the Mountains points are as follows:

Category 1: 8- 6- 4- 2- 1

Category 2: 5- 3- 2- 1

Category 3: 3- 2- 1

12. Prize list:

General Classification

1 €300

2 €200

3 €150

4 €100

5 €70

6 €60

7 €40

8 €30

Total €950

Stages 1, 3 and 4

1 €75

2 €50

3 €40

4 €30

5 €20

6 €10

Total €675

Stage 2

1 €60

2 €40

3 €30

4 €20

Total €150

U23 classification:

1 €100

2 €75

3 €50

Total: €225


Junior classification:

1 €100

2 €75

3 €50

Total: €225


Veterans classification:

1 €100

2 €75

3 €50

Total: €225


Womens classification:

1 €100

2 €75

3 €50

Total: €225


KOM classification:

1 €100

2 €75

3 €50

Total: €225

Team classification:

1 €100

2 €75

3 €50

Total: €225

Total prize money: €3300.