High5 Energy Source 2.2kg Tub

h5 energy super carbs
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High carbohydrate drinks mix for sustained energy.

EnergySource is a concentrated carbohydrate (glucose polymer) drink mix, designed to provide maximum sustained energy. It contains all the essential electrolytes with a low Osmolality and is rapidly absorbed. Highly stable in the stomach and with a range of light refreshing flavours; EnergySource is suitable for athletes at elite and recreational levels.

EnergySource now contains Supercarbs the revolutionary carbohydrate mix that will give you 25% plus more energy than normal sports drinks and 40% better hydration. When tested at the University of Herts against a normal energy drink like PSP22 it improved time trial performance by 6.5%.

EnergySource in NEUTRAL flavour allows you to change the carbohydrate concentration of your drink to suit a wide variety of conditions. It is favoured by athletes in cooler weather (e.g. open water swimmers), as well as those looking for a more cost effective solution to their energy needs. Top Features of the High5 Energy Source 2.2kg Tub

  • Unique complex carbohydrate (glucose polymer) formulation
  • Provides long-lasting energy
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Natural fruit flavours give a light refreshing taste
  • Race proven by the worlds top athletes
  • Makes 44 x 500ml servings
  • Energy Type: Sustained Energy
  • Vegetarian friendly: Yes
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