Assos HabuSock Evo_7

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Using soft merino wool to provide warmth in raw conditions, the habuSock cycling socks mean your feet need never be cold again.

Endure in comfort. Built to excel in early winter cycling conditions, our ASSOS Habu socks are the first step towards enjoyable cold weather cycling. Made using merino wool, the natural fibres outperform synthetic alternatives to maintain superior thermal properties even when wet and allow for comfort across a wide range of conditions. Keeping feet warm and dry, the habuSock early winter cycling socks have a lightly compressive effect and offer additional protection via a reinforced toe area. A supplementary antibacterial treatment helps them stay fresh even after repeated use.

ALS Climarange

Early Winter

What is it?

The new sock for cooler days of autumn and the first days of winter cold.

How to use it

Perfect for late autumn days and in combination with toeCover_s7, or thermoBooties when you need better protection from cold and damp in the toe and ankle areas.

The key fabric

Lightweight and ergonomic compression. Insulation function. Anti-moisture effect.

Construction Merino wool to keep your feet warm and protect from moisture. Polyamide inserts to keepyour feet dry. Antibacterial and anti-odor treatment to help prevent unpleasant odours and ensure long-lasting product life. Texture compression to promote blood circulation.
Ergonomic construction with reinforced areas in the heel and sole of the foot. Compact and compressive structure. Conclusion

habuSock_evo7 is perfect when intermediateSocks_S7 are not sufficient to protect from cold, and when you want a more fully enveloping feeling of warmth without sacrificing performance while keeping your feet dry and comfortable

Composition 50% WO, 35% EA,10% PP, 5% PA

Size Chart

S = 0, M = I, L = 2