BWH Bike Box II

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  • Description

Key Features:

  • suitable for road bikes up to 62 cm frame size and smaller
  • for simplified packing the top shell can be completely removed
  • the bike is mounted with several straps and protected by several layers of foam
  • four stable light castorsm two freely rotatable, two fixed
  • tow carrying handles and two pull handles (one pull handle for pulling on two wheels)
  • the two case shells are interlocking at six points and pulled together with a self-tightening buckle for easy closing and fitting of the case
  • lockable with a TSA padlock (not included in the delivery)


  • Internal Dimensions:1150 (825) x 810 x 280 mm
  • External Dimensions:1190 x 890 x 295 mm
  • Package Dimensions:1200 x 920 x 200 mm
  • Total Weight:10.6 Kg


  • two wheel guards size M
  • adjustment for frame
  • foam block for chain ring
  • 3 foam layers
  • foam spacers for the handlebar
  • chain protection