BWH Touring Bike Box

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Best selling bike case in Europe. 
Suitable for race bikes and not fully suspended mountain bikes.
New design with large strap for extra security, address place and two wheel bags to give great protection of your bike.

Trapezoid shell case made of strike-proof ABS material, blue. The only bike case you can transport in a station wagon without folding
down the back seats.
  • surroundig extremely solid aluminium frame and plastic protection for the sharp edges.
  • large strap for extra security
  • 2 wheel bags
  • four lockable claps and three hinges
  • four free running rollers with reinforced axle (2 spare just in case)
  • double shell thickness in the roller area
  • extra pilot handle
  • both case shells with inward foamed

material cushion

  • two length-adjustable packing straps per case shell
  • foamed material cushion for the sprocket wheel
  • utilizable dimensions: 1170 x 840 x 260 mm
  • outer dimensions: 1180 x 850 x 275 mm
  • packing dimensions: 1230 x 900 x 340 mm
  • weight (net):9,4 kg

NOTE: The bike shown on the picture is Lapierre FD Jeux 60cm size. To pack the bike you need to remove both wheels, pedals and stem.
Allen keys and 15 mm pedal spannor are necessary.