Fabric CO2 Mini Pump & Tyre Levers Repair Kit

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Our ultra compact CO2 kit brings together simplicity and function.
A durable silicone band houses one CO2 cartridge, 2x reinforced glass fibre tyre levers and a Co2 head that is interchangeable with Presta or Schrader valves. A simple, stylish and lightweight solution that securely fixes to your seatpost.

What's included:

  • 1x CO2 Head - Fits Presta or Schrader valve; Controlled release of CO2
  • 2x Tyre Levers - Reinforced glass-fibre, with integrated spoke hook
  • 2x Stretchable rubber straps- Extra stretchable rubber; Securely mounts to bike
  • 2x CO216g Cartridges in Foam Cover

Handy & neat all in 1 tyre repair kit

Strapped securely to a seat post or stored neatly in a saddle bag, the C02/Lever Kit contains all the tools you need to quickly and efficiently fix a flat.

Precision head fits presta or schrader valve

The head unit offers precision control and can be shut completely after initial use, saving any remaining gas for further use. The simple to use head easily accepts both presta and schrader valves.

Equipped with spare cartridge & tough, fibre reinforced levers

The kit is supplied with a rubber strap that keeps it together and secures it to a seat post, as well as durable and dependable tyre levers and a spare CO2 cartridge.